Hoarding Fluffy Bunnies

Probably you'll agree we're in a big mess.

Before this mess will ever get cleaned up, don't you think we must first remove the genesis of the mess?
Could it be the genesis is the way we're taxed? As in “income” tax?

Elected officials are, for the most part, a decent bunch until they set foot in D.C. ...
There, they become afflicted with a malady called “Hoarders” disease.
Over time, they’ve collected so many programs; they waste taxpayer time and money crawling
over them in search of finding one they can pitch without generating angst amongst the hoarders.

So instead of quibbling about which Planned Parenthood fluffy bunny to remove
first, we must remove the ways the fluffy bunnies got in there in the first place.

What needs to be removed?
Income tax.

No where in the U.S. Constitution, will you find a statute, “If Joe Blow
whines for a fluffy bunny, the federal government mandates you buy it for him. "
We must abolish income tax, and transition in The American Consumer Tax (ACT).


Don't you agree keeping your paycheck is a universal want that's reasonable and essential?
If you agree, then tell your elected official you'll settle for nothing more,
nothing less...then their killing "income" tax to ACT now!

That way, those who want to be fluffy bunny hoarders
can buy them with their own dime; not yours.

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